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Robin Humbert

Senior writer and producer with fifteen+ years of experience in production for television, film, social, live events, and commercial/branded content. Proficient in: Avid, Premiere, iMovie, Adobe, Microsoft Office, File Maker Pro, and Movie Magic Budgeting.



Space Titans (feature documentary)


Story Producer (2021)

Beyond The Peak (feature documentary)

One Light Films

Writer (2019-2021)

Get It (music video)

James Tate Wilson

Creative Director (2021)

Coming Clean (feature documentary)

Interloper Films

Archival Producer (2019)

Ballona Creek Water Survey (Social)

LADWP/Even Flow Productions

Writer (2019) 

Fertile Myrtle (short film)


Executive Producer, Writer, Director (2019)

Grit (short film)

Silent Coyote/Parto Pictures

Associate Producer (2018) 

Grand Scheme (short film)

Even Flow Productions

Co-Producer (2016)

VendScore (digital branded short/Telly award winner)

Executive Producer, Writer, Director  (2016)

End The Trend (Documentary)


Production Manager (2012 – 2013)


Benadryl’s Race to the Moment (digital branded series)


Production Manager (2010)


Space Launch LIVE: Blue Origin & Jeff Bezos Go To Space

Washington Post/Discovery/Storied Media Group

Story Producer (2021) 

Untitled Dog Project

Bravo/Magical Elves

Casting Producer (2021)

Bridezillas, 12

WETV/Triage Entertainment

Field Producer (2018)

Break Through the Crowd, 1

Zee TV/Constant Beta Motion Picture Co.

Co-Executive Producer (2018)

My Cat From Hell, 9

Animal Planet/3-Ball

Field/Story Producer (2016) 

Arranged, 2

FYI/Moxie Pictures

Story Producer (2015)


Carnival Cravings with Anthony Anderson, 1

Food Network/Magnetic Productions

Producer (2015)


Rich Kids of Miami, (Pilot)

E!/ ITV Studios

Senior Story Producer (2015)


Missing In Alaska, 1  

History/Pilgrim Studios

Producer (2014 – 2015)


Treetop Cat Rescue, (Pilot presentation)

Animal Planet/Pilgrim Studios

Segment Producer (2014)


Vanderpump Rules, 1-4, 9

Bravo/Evolution Media

Casting Producer, season 9 (2019

Casting Producer, season 4 (2015)

Producer, season 3 (2014)

Story Producer, season 2 (2013)

Talent Producer, season 1 (2012) 


Let Me Ride (Pilot presentation)

Even Flow Productions/Discovery Studios

Supervising Producer (2014)


Gator Boys, 3

Animal Planet/Mike Mathis Productions

Story Producer (2013 – 2014)


Sanya’s Glam & Gold, 1

WE/Good Clean Fun

Story Producer (2013)


Electric Barbarellas/The Alectrix, 1 & 2

MTV/Go Go Luckey

Story Producer (2012)

Associate Producer (Field) (2010)


Escape Routes, 1

NBC/Profiles Television

Story Producer (2012)


The Sing Off, 3

NBC/Sony Studios

Story Producer (2011)


Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, 2

History Channel/GoGo Luckey

Segment Producer (2011)


America’s Best Dance Crew, 6

MTV/Warner Horizon

Associate Producer (2011)


Sweat Equity, 8

DIY/Magnetic Productions

Producer (Field) (2010)


Girl’s Next Door: Bunny House, Pilot Kendra, 3

E!/Prometheus Entertainment

Associate Producer (Field) (2010)


MANswers, 3

Spike/Super Delicious

Associate Producer (2009)




C3 Presents

Artist Relations Ambassador (2005 - 2019)


Mall Cops: Mall of America, 1

TLC/September Films

Field Coordinator (2009 – 2010)


Dancing With The Stars, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

ABC/BBC Worldwide

Field Coordinator (2008 – 2009)

Travel Coordinator (2007)


The Bachelor, 11, 12

ABC/AND Syndicated/Next Entertainment

Production Coordinator (2007 – 2008)

Casting Associate 2010, 2018


Executive Producer, Writer, Director at Potencia (2016 - current)

  •  Led teams from pre-production to delivery for clients: SAP, Girls on the Run, and more

  • Created pitch decks and reels, wrote scripts, managed budgets, filming, and schedules for multiple projects

  • Casted, booked, and directed talent, conducted research and development, managed legal clearances

    • Won: Telly (for writing), WIF Dallas Topaz Festival Audience Award, Platinum Remi for dark comedy short​

  • Remote directing, producing, and editing corporate communication videos, panels, and social content​

    • Interviewed C-suite/high-level executives, and ensured brand initiatives were met ​


Senior Producer at Salt & Lime Media (2019-2021)

  • Casting lead, story development, and producer for client Facebook's marketing and social teams

  • Produced for: Cooking with Facebook (FB watch series), Halloween House of Horrors (social), New Year's (social), and Ask an Admin (social), Community Page (social), Super Bowl 2020 (marketing), Thank You (social)

  • Conducted social audits, vetted background checks, and obtained legal releases and licenses

  • Led projects, created and pitched decks, managed talent, budget, and schedules, directed and edited UGC 

  • Worked alongside agencies with influencers to strategically align and define brand voice

  • Utilized data to spot trends and flag concerns  

Senior Producer at Trailer Park (2016 – 2017)

  • Produced brand, theatrical, and home entertainment campaigns for domestic and international clients like: Amazon, Mitu, Disney, Marvel, and more.

  • Worked cross-functionally with brand, print, and marketing executives multi-campaign strategy

  • Managed internal editorial and creative teams, third-party vendors, and departmental budget

  • Formulate and manage project timelines and budgets for A/V content and live shoots

  • Ideate, pitch, and led creative, write copy, oversaw shoots, and directed talent

  • Worked closely with clients to ensure brand representation was exceeded from conception to delivery

Producer/Executive Producer at CarbonTV (2016)

  • Executive Produced original development and production for multi-channel network

  • Executive Produced: Mounted: Chuck Testa & Friends (series), American Elements,

    Women Who... (series), American Harvest 2 (series sponsored by Chevy), Roadworthy (series sponsored by Shell), Carbon Culture: Mutton Bustin (mini-series), and Tough Jobs (mini-series sponsored by Yeti)

  • Developed and launched new series, evaluated and approved show schedules, casting and breakdown series/episodic outlines, managed third party production companies, shaped series creative, gave notes and direction on cuts, oversaw shoots, created and implemented organic brand integrations, worked closely with brand/clients, creative lead for multi-platform initiatives, facilitated marketing needs, worked closely and collaboratively with other departments, and strategized creative for audience analytics

  • Established and implemented internal legal and clearance processes, created internal content library and delivery procedures, and produced a 62% increase in original content

Associate Producer at Discovery Channel (2015-2016)

  • Oversaw ten+ shows simultaneously: MythBusters, Alaska The Last Frontier, American

    Tarzan, Treasure Quest, Fast N’ Loud, Fast N’ Loud Demolition Theater, Street Outlaws,

    Street Outlaws: NOLA, Misfit Garage, and Diesel Brothers.

  • Researched and developed programming ideas, evaluated show schedules, reviewed casting and

    breakdown series/episodic outlines, reviewed and noted cuts for editorial feedback, oversaw series reloads and acquisitions, selected clips for market research, Ad Sales, Upfronts, and International presentations, worked closely with other departments (PR, digital, social, marketing), reviewed and discussed Nielsen ratings, audience dynamics, characteristics, and viewing behavior, revised and wrote episode and series descriptions, supervised and quality checked outputs, facilitated program fixes including changes in narration graphics, picture, and audio, tracked and communicated fulfillment of production milestones and deliverables

Production Manager at Chicago Recording Company (CRC) (2004-2006)

  • Oversaw three post audio studios for commercial, film, and TV clients (NBC, Fox, Kraft, KFC, FCB, Y&R, Atlantic Records, OWN, Paramount, GOOD Music, and more)

  • Managed studio and engineer schedules, tracked elements, created bids, and managed budgets

  • Liaised with clients, booked and paid union talent, 

  • Ran special events, wrote and distributed company newsletter, and oversaw vendor relations


Lawrence University – Appleton, WI.  B.A. in English (focus in journalism) 


  • Active member of the Academy of Arts and Television Sciences and Producers Guild of America

  • Nominated 2021: Quarter-finalist in the Hollyshorts Screenplay Contest

  • Presenter at the 2020 Cyprus International Film Festival: Telling an Intriguing Story in :30 - 2:00

  • Nominated 2020: Best Director at Women in Comedy, Best Screenplay at the Chicago International Arthouse Film Fest, Semi-finalist at the International Women's Film Festival

  • 2017 Panelist at FICCI Frames in Mumbai: Grammar of the New TV Content roundtable

  • Mentor/Preditor for 2017 Delta Aeromexico Accelerator program with Mitu

  • Part-time journalist for the Des Plaines Topic 2004  

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